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By: U. Ramon, M.A.S., M.D.

Program Director, Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai

On two separate occasions birth control pills quick start cheap 0.15 mg levlen free shipping, you strongly and aggressively encouraged that we settle with a billboard company, which everyone up here - I mean, there was no argument against that we were being blackmailed. The first time - the first settlement, you know, once I started getting briefed on it, the settlement really lied upon a billboard in the entrance of a neighborhood, the Roads, which is in my district. But then again, you know, there was a second settlement, which you strongly aggressively backed and asked us to settle in an emergency ordinance. But even with that, I put principle aside and we studied the merits of the settlement, like you asked. Even as recent as a few weeks ago when all of a sudden there is rumors or statements that Mr. Crapp will be leaving, you became City of Miami Page 162 Printed on 7/25/2011 City Commission Meeting Minutes June 23, 2011 interim. Crapp came before us for the ratification, that was one of my main concerns, you know, and it was addressed. As a matter of fact, whenever there was a principals meeting, we would go together. And prior to that, you know, we would discuss, we would get our thoughts together, and we would go in there together representing the City. Now I understand, if I was your typical politician, the easy thing would be is to say, listen, I have some concerns and so forth. Martinez, I have some concerns, and just move forward and then just vote and ratify your vote, you know, and just put it for the record. But I really do feel that I need to make a point, especially how concerned I am of the financial state of the City. I can assure you -because I expect that you will be ratified, you will be the City Manager - that I will work with you, I will help in any capacity that I can, I will support you. There were some things that you mentioned in terms of having a working relationship with a director. And at least, there - those questions that you raised, I will give you the respect. But I think right now we have a functional obligation to try to keep this City functioning. Martinez, then we can address those issues that you brought to the surface, City of Miami Page 163 Printed on 7/25/2011 City Commission Meeting Minutes June 23, 2011 which are valid issues. Your background is seen as a budget procurement man who probably, for most of your career, you have seen ample money. So building on what the Vice Chair had to say, if I were to ask you to prioritize City services and ask you what is the biggest priority of City service, what is your first priority Commissioner Sarnoff: And if I were to ask you to prioritize those, what would it be And If I were to ask you for the three services that you think are the biggest priority for the City of Miami, what would they be One would be salary reductions, which this City has gone through two consecutive years. As part of your scheme, as part of your strategy, as part of what you will do in the next 60 days, how will these three items play in your budget Martinez: Well, I believe that all items should be on the table until we get to the, you know, bottom line. Furloughs seem to be something that should be considered; then, in that order, salary cuts and, as a last resort, layoffs. Obviously trying to avoid all three because I think the employees of the City have already taken a, you know, hit. The end of the day, do you think you can form a strategy that there will be no loss of essential services to the City of Miami Whatever proposals that the Administration comes up with would be before the Commission for input and discussion and final determination. And why do you take the City of Miami Page 165 Printed on 7/25/2011 City Commission Meeting Minutes June 23, 2011 marketing department So I - some respects, I want to somehow soften the position of the red-light cameras. I voted for it simply because I thought it would save lives, save property, and make people better drivers. Now in terms of budgeting that process, we equally knew that we had put a contingency in there so that when the red-light cameras did not come in with the revenues as they were projected, that we would have that offset built into our budget. Any good person, any good administrator, any good manager understands his weaknesses and fills those weaknesses with a person of strength. I think my general way of doing business to engage a lot of other people to help give ideas and compensate for my weaknesses. And I do believe in the recommendation that I did make for the billboards and the process played out. It went - it was vetted through the Commission, and we believe it was the right decision at the time not because of the blackmail or the pending legislation; because we thought it was a good business decision. If it wants to be viewed and characterized as a bad deal, so be it, but we followed the process. And at the end of the process, yielded something that the Commission could live with and supposedly a better deal. But I think my strength is putting lot of people together in the room with - that are credible and intelligent and picking a path and joining everybody. City of Miami Page 166 Printed on 7/25/2011 City Commission Meeting Minutes June 23, 2011 Vice Chair Carollo: Who


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The Environmental Costs of Mountaintop Mining Valley Fill Operations for Aquatic Ecosystems of the Central Appalachians birth control pill womens liberation purchase levlen 0.15 mg mastercard. Development and validation of habitat models for the threatened Blackside Dace, Chrosomus cumberlandensis, at two spatial scales. A survey of the water quality of streams in the primary region of mountaintop/valley fill coal mining, Mountaintop mining/valley fill programmatic environmental impact assessment, Region 3, U. Invertebrate communities of groundwater-dependent refugia with varying hydrology and riparian cover during a supraseasonal drought, Journal of Freshwater Ecology. Rule of capture and urban sprawl: a potential federal financial risk in groundwater-dependent areas, International Journal of Water Resources Development, 28:4, 659-673. Benthic invertebrate communities and their responses to selected environmental factors in the Kanawha River basin, West Virginia, Virginia, and North Carolina. Gunnison sage-grouse status review information request response for Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park and Curecanti National Recreation Area. Spreadsheet summarizing land ownership by Gunnison sage-grouse population and status. Hydrology of the Busseron Creek Watershed, Indiana: Indiana University Water Resources research Center, Report Investigation No. Characterizing coal and mineral mines as a regional source of stress to stream fish assemblages. Effects of surface coal mining and reclamation on ground water in small watersheds in the Allegheny Plateau, Ohio. Noturus stanauli, a new madtom catfish from the Clinch and Duck Rivers, Tennessee. Identification of sediment sources in forested watersheds with surface coal mining disturbance using carbon and nitrogen isotopes. Resistance and resilience of macroinvertebrate assemblages to drying and flood in a tallgrass prairie stream system. Regional estimates of acid mine drainage impact on streams in the mid-Atlantic and southeastern United States. Temporal changes in taxonomic and functional diversity of fish assemblages downstream from mountaintop mining. Threshold responses of Blackside Dace (Chrosomus cumberlandensis) and Kentucky Arrow Darter (Etheostoma spilotum) to stream conductivity. Effects of Underground Mining and Mine Collapse on the Hydrology of Selected Basins in West Virginia. Reestablishing pollinator habitat on mined lands using the forestry reclamation approach. Reach-scale geomorphic differences between headwater streams draining mountaintop mined and unmined catchments. The evolution of complex reproductive strategies in North American minnows (Cyprinidae) in: Systematics, Historical Ecology, and North American Freshwater Fishes. Yellow-billed cuckoo distribution, abundance, and habitat use along the lower Colorado and tributaries, 2006 annual report. Influences of water and sediment quality and hydrologic processes on mussels in the Clinch River. Freshwater mussels of the Powell River, Virginia and Tennessee: abundance and distribution in a biodiversity hotspot. Jones J, Ahlstedt S, Ostby B, Beaty B, Pinder M, Eckert N, Butler R, Hubbs D, Walker C, Hanlon S, Schmerfeld J, Neves R. Clinch River freshwater mussels upstream of Norris Reservoir, Tennessee and Virginia: A quantitative assessment from 2004 to 2009. The impact of coal-mining waste on endangered mussel populations in the Powell River, Lee County, Virginia. Status of the imperiled Alabama Sturgeon (Scaphirhunchus suttkusi Williams and Clemmer, 1991). Lower Columbia River and estuary ecosystem monitoring: Water quality and salmon sampling report. Invasive and native blue mussels (genus Mytilus) on the California coast: the role of physiology in a biological invasion. Decline of the Razorback Sucker in Lake Mohave, Colorado River, Arizona and Nevada. Toxicity of coal-related contaminants to early life stages of freshwater mussels in the Powell River, Virginia. Numerical model analysis of the effects of ground-water withdrawals on discharge to streams and springs in small basins typical of the Puget Sound Lowland, Washington. Hydrologic Considerations for Permitting and Liability Release, technical reference. Mountaintop Mining Valley fills and Aquatic Ecosystems: A Scientific Primer on Impacts and Mitigation Approaches. Landscape Indicators and Thresholds of Stream ecological Impairment in an intensively mined Appalachian Watershed, Journal of the North American Benthological Society 29(4): 1292-1309. Update on the environmental and economic costs associated with alien-invasive species in the United States. Effects of surface mining and residential land use on headwater stream biotic integrity in the eastern Kentucky coalfield region.

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If the building is not equipped with a radiation detector missed birth control pill 8 hours cheap levlen 0.15mg line, it is not likely that the management will know there is airborne activity in less than 10 min. In addition, most buildings do not have the ability to shut down an entire ventilation system with the push of a button. Conversely, in some circumstances, the efficiencies of the filters can be significant, removing greater than 90 % of the radionuclide, depending on the particle size, the condition of the filter, and its design (Musolino and Harper, 2006). It is advisable to keep away from the contaminated filters and not access their enclosures until health authorities perform a radiological assessment (Musolino and Harper, 2006). Even if the building ventilation system can be promptly isolated, atmospheric conditions still could result in unfiltered air flowing into the structure from pathways that are normally secondary or precluded when the ventilation system is in routine operation. Therefore, for this countermeasure to be effective an engineering analysis of the ventilation system should be performed. Response-Plan Development and Implementation Decision makers will encounter many challenges in a radiological or nuclear terrorism incident. Many of these challenges will not be specific to response to a radiological or nuclear terrorism incident, such as law enforcement, security, and potential other possible terrorist threats such as improvised explosive devices. This Report will primarily address the key issues common to both radiological and nuclear terrorism incidents and identify the key elements that must be considered and addressed in a response plan for both types of incidents. Emergency planners should review and augment existing plans and related documents necessary for achieving preparedness for a radiological or nuclear terrorism incident. Important elements of a response plan include hazard analysis, notifications, establishment of radiological control zones, emergency-responder decision doses, recommendations for managing emergency-responder dose, and a decontamination plan for members of the general public. Methods and processes need to be developed to transfer information from the incident scene to appropriate local and state agencies. This includes determining what equipment (telephone, fax, email and radio) is available at each location. Processes are then needed for these agencies to coordinate their response activities and public communications. Testing and practicing these processes and methods should be included in all drills and exercises. Compliments of the National Council on Radiation Protection and Measurements 26 / 4. It describes specific authorities and best practices for managing incidents that would include large-scale terrorist attacks and catastrophic natural disasters. These incidents may include the release of radioactive material that poses an actual or perceived hazard to public health, safety, national security, and/or the environment. This interagency publication provides guidance and recommendations for public and emergency responder actions in the event of an urban nuclear detonation. The regulation, which allows local, state and tribal authorities to detain products, refers to "adulteration" by some contaminant, but is not specific for radionuclides. Response challenges resulting from radiological or nuclear terrorism incidents can quickly overwhelm local, regional and state resources and requests for federal assistance should be anticipated. Decision makers should recognize that, in the early phase of the incident, state and federal resources will take time, perhaps days, to arrive. Therefore, local organizations should be prepared to assume all roles and responsibilities in the earliest phase of an incident, relying entirely upon local resources. Compliments of the National Council on Radiation Protection and Measurements 28 / 4. It is important to understand the relationships among existing local, regional, state, tribal and federal response plans. Federal agencies can and will begin to provide assistance remotely via assets such as those listed in Table 4. Local and regional planning authorities should determine the roles and responsibilities of each organization that participates in response to radiological or nuclear terrorism incidents (Resources for nuclear and radiation disaster response (Maiello and Groves, 2006). All potentially-affected organizations should jointly develop a regional, multi-agency response plan to ensure the issues that each organization will confront are addressed. The individual plans should be compared to remove conflicts and specify how the organizations will share responsibilities. The plans should specify which organization is in charge of each activity so that response will proceed efficiently. The state radiation control program can be contacted for assistance in developing a response plan. The most effective response will occur if local agencies jointly prepare their plans. In addition, once the plan is in place, agencies should conduct tabletop and field exercises, critique the exercises, and revise their plans, through lessons learned, in advance of an incident. Each agency and organization whose staff is likely to become contaminated during a radiological or nuclear terrorism incident should establish procedures for surveys and decontamination of staff. The procedures should recognize that contamination control will likely not be possible during the early (emergency) phase of an incident and that minor contamination of an area should not prevent its use. Develops coordinated advice on environmental, food, health, and animal health matters. Compliments of the National Council on Radiation Protection and Measurements 30 / 4. Organizations with emergency-response vehicles, particularly ambulances, should establish procedures regarding the decontamination of vehicle interiors. However, reasonable attempts should be made to limit the contamination inside a vehicle.

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