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And why are nonwhite prisoners from poor neighborhoods more likely to commit crimes Another way of looking at the same data recommended antibiotics for acne discount 250 mg aziphar amex, though, is that these prisoners live in poor neighborhoods with terrible schools and scant opportunities. So the chance that an ex-convict returning to that neighborhood will have another brush with the law is no doubt larger than that of a tax fraudster who is released into a leafy suburb. In this system, the poor and nonwhite are punished more for being who they are and living where they live. The unquestioned assumption is that locking away "high-risk" prisoners for more time makes society safer. But is it possible that their time in prison has an effect on their behavior once they step out Is there a chance that years in a brutal environment surrounded by felons might make them more likely, and not less, to commit another crime Such a finding would undermine the very basis of the recidivism sentencing guidelines. But prison systems, which are awash in data, do not carry out this highly important research. All too often they use data to justify the workings of the system but not to question or improve the system. The giant retailer, like the criminal justice system, is highly focused on a form of recidivism. Now, if Amazon operated like the justice system, it would start by scoring shoppers as potential recidivists. In this case, Amazon would market more to these people, perhaps offering them discounts, and if the marketing worked, those with high recidivist scores would come back to shop more. And if it wants to find out what drives shopping recidivism, it carries out research. They might start by looking at the patterns of all the people who shopped once or twice at Amazon and never returned. The questions go on and on, because the future of the company hinges upon a system that learns continually, one that figures out what makes customers tick. Hundreds of thousands of prisoners are kept for twenty-three hours a day in these prisons within prisons, most of them no bigger than a horse stall. Researchers have found that time in solitary produces deep feelings of hopelessness and despair. In Unfair: the New Science of Criminal Injustice, Adam Benforado writes that certain types of prisoners are targeted for rape in prisons. The young and small of stature are especially vulnerable, as are the mentally disabled. A serious scientist would also search for positive signals from the prison experience. The goal, if data were used constructively, would be to optimize prisons-much the way companies like Amazon optimize websites or supply chains-for the benefit of both the prisoners and society at large. Privately run prisons, which house only 10 percent of the incarcerated population, are a $5 billion industry. Like airlines, the private prisons make profits only when running at high capacity. So instead of analyzing prisons and optimizing them, we deal with them as black boxes. The current models stubbornly stick to the dubious and unquestioned hypothesis that more prison time for supposedly high-risk prisoners makes us safer. Consider a recidivism study by Michigan economics professor Michael Mueller-Smith. But to turn those conclusions into smart policy and better justice, politicians will have to take a stand on behalf of a feared minority that many (if not most) voters would much prefer to ignore. Stop and frisk may seem intrusive and unfair, but in short time it will also be viewed as primitive. In San Diego, for example, police are not only asking the people they stop for identification, or frisking them. On occasion, they also take photos of them with iPads and send them to a cloud-based facial recognition service, which matches them against a database of criminals and suspects. According to a report in the New York Times, San Diego police used this facial recognition program on 20,600 people between 2011 and 2015. Advances in facial recognition technology will soon allow for much broader surveillance. Officials in Boston, for example, were considering using security cameras to scan thousands of faces at outdoor concerts. This data would be uploaded to a service that could match each face against a million others per second. And the technology will no doubt be useful for tracking down suspects, as happened in the Boston Marathon bombing. The focus then may well shift toward spotting potential lawbreakers-not just neighborhoods or squares on a map but individuals. In 2009, the Chicago Police Department received a $2 million grant from the National Institute of Justice to develop a predictive program for crime.

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If the training activity will not disturb the hazardous substance virus encyclopedia cheap aziphar 100 mg overnight delivery, the material must be clearly marked and all participants must be shown the location of the substance and directed not to disturb the materials. Hazardous materials and conditions within the structure must be removed or neutralized, except as exempted in (a) of this subsection. Training must be provided prior to initial assignment and annually thereafter, and must include: (i) the physical characteristics of asbestos including types, fiber size, aerodynamic characteristics and physical appearance. Real asbestos must be used only for observation by trainees and must be enclosed in sealed unbreakable containers. Good faith surveys must be shared with all employers and employees prior to using any structure. Materials containing > 1% asbestos must be marked by a system recognized by all members. Prior to initiating any destructive drilling on materials containing < or = 1% asbestos, the incident safety officer for the training must walk all participants through the structure and inform them of the location of asbestos. Hand tools and other asbestos contaminated equipment will be rinsed off prior to being returned to the apparatus or service. Tools and equipment that cannot be decontaminated on site must be placed in sealed containers until they can be decontaminated. In structures scheduled for demolition, or that will be turned over to another employer, where < or = 1% asbestos has been disturbed, the fire department will provide written notice to the owner/agent that asbestos has been disrupted and remains on-site. The fire department will inform the owner/agent, in writing, that access to the property must be limited to the demolition or asbestos contractor. The fire department will secure the structure after all drills and at the conclusion of the use of the structure. Securing the structure may include but not be limited to , locking or boarding up windows, doors, and wall and roof openings. These signs will notify entrants onto the site that asbestos debris of < or = 1% has been left on the site. The signs will also state that entry into the building or the building footprint is prohibited by any persons other than the fire department and the demolition/abatement contractor. Training must be provided on topics according to the job duties and potential hazards as outlined in Table 2, Subject Specific Training. Nylon utility straps or straps of equivalent strength should be used instead of hose belts. The utility strap must be of one-inch nylon, or equivalent belting, with a four-inch overlap and sewn with polyester thread and must measure at least 102 inches on the outside circumference. The load capacity must be stenciled on each portable jack and the load capacity must not be exceeded. The instruction plate on portable jacks must be maintained in a legible condition. All axes worn by employees must be provided with a scabbard to guard against injury from the blade and pick of the axe. The guards on smoke ejectors, as supplied by the manufacturer, must not be removed and the operator of the ejector must wear gloves. Handling, storage and utilization of acetylene in cylinders must be in accordance with the Compressed Gas Association Pamphlet G-1 - 2003 edition. Instruction books, cleaning kits and hand tools needed for maintenance or breakdown purposes must be kept in the life-line gun storage box. The words "powder activated tool" must be conspicuously printed on the top of the storage box. Safety nets must be tested annually by dropping a weight of not less than 400 pounds from the highest point to be used above the net. The test weight object may consist of two tightly tied rolls of two and onehalf inch hose, each 100 feet long, or any other object having similar weight and dimension. Forged steel safety hooks or shackles must be used to fasten the net to its supports. Training requiring safety net protection must not be undertaken until the net is in place and has been tested by the weight of three firefighters on the net. All nets must meet accepted performance standards of 17,500 foot pounds minimum impact resistance as determined and certified by the manufacturer, and must bear a label of proof test. This section establishes the minimum requirements for the construction, care and use of fire department ground ladders. Even when ladders are routinely used in the fly-out configuration, in adverse conditions firefighters must be permitted to climb and descend ground ladders with the fly in to assure secure footing. The following ladder components must be visually inspected: (a) (b) (c) (d) (e) (f) (g) (h) (i) Heat sensor labels, if provided, for a change indicating heat exposure. When a wood ground ladder develops dark streaks in the beams, the ladder must be removed from service and service tested as specified in subsection (9) of this section. Loss of gloss on the protective finish of fiberglass or wood ladders, signifying damage or wear. Scratches and dents must not be cause for a ladder to fail a test if it passes the appropriate service test. If the heat sensor label has an expiration date, and that date has passed, the heat sensor label must be replaced. Whenever any ground ladder has been exposed, or is suspected of having been exposed to direct flame contact, or wherever the heat sensor label has changed to indicate heat exposure, the ladder must be service tested according to subsection (9) of this section. Flexible cords and cables must be approved and suitable for conditions of use and location. Flexible cords must be connected to devices and fittings so that strain relief is provided which will prevent pull from being directly transmitted to joints or terminal screws.

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I picture a double parker talking back to police antibiotic resistance doxycycline buy discount aziphar 500 mg, refusing to get out of his Mercedes, and finding himself facing charges for resisting arrest. Justice cannot just be something that one part of society inflicts upon the other. The noxious effects of uneven policing, whether from stop and frisk or predictive models like PredPol, do not end when the accused are arrested and booked in the criminal justice sys tem. Judges then look to this supposedly scientific analysis, crystallized into a single risk score. And those who take this score seriously have reason to give longer sentences to prisoners who appear to pose a higher risk of committing other crimes. He had since moved to medical data analysis, including the progression of dementia. They developed a list of the approximately four hundred people most likely to commit a violent crime. One of the people on the list, a twenty-two-year-old high school dropout named Robert McDaniel, answered his door one summer day in 2013 and found himself facing a police officer. McDaniel later told the Chicago Tribune that he had no history of gun violations and had never been charged with a violent crime. Like most of the young men in Austin, his dangerous West Side neighborhood, McDaniel had had brushes with the law, and he knew plenty of people caught up in the criminal justice system. The policewoman, he said, told him that the force had its eye on him and to watch out. And there is no denying that people are statistically more likely than not to behave like the people they spend time with. Facebook, for example, has found that friends who communicate often are far more likely to click on the same advertisement. If the four hundred people who appear most likely to commit violent crimes receive a knock on the door and a warning, maybe some of them will think twice before packing a gun. He has been surrounded by crime, and many of his acquaintances have gotten caught up in it. And largely because of these circumstances-and not his own actions-he has been deemed dangerous. And if he behaves foolishly, as millions of other Americans do on a regular basis, if he buys drugs or gets into a barroom fight or carries an unregistered handgun, the full force of the law will fall down on him, and probably much harder than it would on most of us. Instead of simply trying to eradicate crimes, police should be attempting to build relationships in the neighborhood. The cops were on foot, talking to people, trying to help them uphold their own community standards. But that objective, in many cases, has been lost, steamrollered by models that equate arrests with safety. I recently visited Camden, New Jersey, which was the murder capital of the country in 2011. I found that the police department in Camden, rebuilt and placed under state control in 2012, had a dual mandate: lowering crime and engendering community trust. If building trust is the objective, an arrest may well become a last resort, not the first. Innocent people surrounded by criminals get treated badly, and criminals surrounded by a law-abiding public get a pass. And because of the strong correlation between poverty and reported crime, the poor continue to get caught up in these digital dragnets. A few years ago, a young man named Kyle Behm took a leave from his studies at Vanderbilt University. A year and a half later, Kyle was healthy enough to return to his studies at a different school. The test was part of an employee selection program developed by Kronos, a workforce management company based outside of Boston. When Kyle told his father, Roland, an attorney, what had happened, his father asked him what kind of questions had appeared on the test. That test grades people for extraversion, agreeableness, conscientiousness, neuroticism, and openness to ideas. Questions about mental health appeared to be blackballing his son from the job market. He decided to look into it and soon learned that the use of personality tests for hiring was indeed widespread among large corporations. As he explained to me, people who apply for a job and are red-lighted rarely learn that they were rejected because of their test results. Arguments are likely to focus on whether the Kronos test can be considered a medi cal exam, the use of which in hiring is illegal under the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990. The question for this book is how automatic systems judge us when we seek jobs and what criteria they evaluate. In fact, Kyle Behm was following the traditional route when he applied for work at Kroger. For decades, that was how people got a foot in the door, whether at grocers, the docks, banks, or law firms. Candidates then usually faced an interview, where a manager would try to get a feel for them. All too often this translated into a single basic judgment: Is this person like me (or others I get along with) The result was a lack of opportunity for job seekers without a friend inside, especially if they came from a different race, ethnic group, or religion. Companies like Kronos brought science into corporate human resources in part to make the process fairer.

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Remember antibiotics used to treat acne cheap aziphar 100mg on-line, a change from 109 sperm per straw to 108 would require ten times the number of straws to transport the same number of sperm. Improperly labeled samples can cause delays in processing, and even worse, could cause genetic contamination of pure stocks. The value of samples is directly proportional to the quality of labeling information and record keeping. Unlabeled or poorly labeled samples are essentially worthless and can even be detrimental. At the minimum, containers should be permanently labeled to indicate species, male identification number, date and facility. With the use of straws and automated processing more sophisticated labeling, such as individualized printing of alphanumeric character strings and bar coding are possible. Containers intended for archiving and breeding uses should receive the best labeling possible in conjunction with establishment of robust databases. Maintenance of a current and accurate inventory can become extremely demanding and costly as a consequence of successful application and scaling up of cryopreservation. It can also require development of or linkage to uniform coding systems for sample identification (e. Growth and Survival Studies Studies of this sort will become valuable to evaluate any possible effects of cryoprotectants or cryopreservation on offspring, and to keep track of the phenotypes of the animals produced by the specific matings that cryopreservation can make possible. This could include monitoring of genetic progress in agricultural settings or verification of specific gene mutations or transgenes in reconstituted research lines. Quality Control Points As introduced above, it is important to note with respect to cryobiology that sperm have a high degree of internal complexity. The various structures within a sperm cell represent different functional compartments that can each require different optimal conditions, and thus can each exhibit differential responses to cryopreservation. For example, damage to the tail could interfere with motility whereas damage to the head could interfere with embryonic development. Sperm quality is a generic term that encompasses proper function of a combination of cellular structures (such as the head, membrane, and tail) that can be superficially evaluated individually by specific assays, or in aggregate by examining factors such as the capacity of sperm to fertilize eggs that hatch and develop normally. For this reason it is important to evaluate the quality of thawed sperm by fertilizing eggs and monitoring the development of the offspring, which can be expensive and difficult. This can sometimes be accomplished by use of a surrogate species to provide eggs when the sperm comes from a species that has valuable or limited broodstock, or has a restricted spawning period. With development of an application pathway, it is possible to incorporate regular quality control points into the process (e. A balance is necessary for the research desire to collect as much information as possible and the practical constraints of time and expense that would dictate collection of data at a few key points along the pathway. Biosecurity Protocols the collection and transfer of gametes from aquatic species poses concerns for unintended transfer of microbial organisms (Tiersch and Jenkins 2003). Sampling could come from infected broodstock (especially if they have immunosuppression arising from the stress associated with capture, transport, or handling for spawning). Contamination of samples can occur during collection, processing, storage, and transport. Generally, proper sanitation during collection is essential for limiting the spread and growth of microorganisms such as bacteria, viruses, fungi, mycoplasmas, and parasites. Establishing and following good practice guidelines for handling and processing of samples is especially important for wild-caught animals where disease-free status 667 Process Pathways for Cryopreservation Research, Application and Commercialization Tiersch cannot be guaranteed. The research and application communities and stakeholders should initiate a process to develop guiding principles or best practices for this very important topic. A Commercialization Pathway (Programmatic Development) this pathway brings us to terra incognita for aquatic species cryopreservation and exploitation of genetic resources and consequently the following statements will be brief (which potentially understates their importance). As stated above, programmatic development and commercialization are not yet available for fish and shellfish. Programmatic development can proceed along a large number of paths, but would probably proceed with private sector involvement first utilizing cryopreservation technology to improve current practices and ultimately developing into an industry based on such things as genetic resources and the provision of products (e. Activities of this sort have developed over the past century for genetic resources of livestock species (Caffey and Tiersch 2000) (Figure 11). Industry Life Cycle Maturity Technology Application Infancy Conception Growth Time Figure 11. Industrial development in genetic resources of aquatic species could parallel that experienced by livestock commodities during the 20th century. Scaling-up for High Throughput, and Establishment of Commercial-scale Facilities the initial barrier for industrial or programmatic development will be in establishment of the facilities, equipment, and protocols necessary to produce the volume of materials and activities necessary to enable widespread adoption of cryopreservation technology, services and products. Gamete Quality Assessment and Quality Control and Assurance Programs Quality assessment will assume a much greater role with programmatic development. Linkage with existing organizations such as this, or development of new organizations created specifically for aquatic species should be considered. With forethought these researchoriented approaches could be formulated to be compatible with the needs for subsequent commercial and programmatic development, and for promulgation as industry standards. Establishment of Markets, Valuation, and Pricing Schedules Economic research is very much in need for the products and services associated with cryopreservation, as well as for valuation of genetic resources themselves. Extremely basic questions to be addressed include: how much is a 10% improvement in growth worth when it can be purchased in the form of frozen sperm in a straw (see chapter by Boever et al.

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